Malecon 18 Years 40 0.7L GBX
Land van herkomst: PANAMA
Beschrijving: Legends are made not born. Perfection is the pre-requisite. Guided by the passion and vision of two visionaries with exquisite taste, Malecon Rum is named for a legendary street in the heart of Havana, where the recipe comes from. It begins with the finest Panamanian sugar cane harvested, fermented and aged in oak barrels for ten, twelve, eighteen and twenty-five years. The process cannot be rushed, it must not be hurried. The result over time: a multiplicity of sensations, notes and a remarkable sophistication. It can stand on its own; it can be mingled and mixed. Stately, powerful, elegant and full-bodied. What becomes a legend? The awaiting glass. Character: Elegant, beautiful and bright, this round and full bodied rum sustains a lengthy mouthful. Warm and rich right to the finish. Notes: Aromatic orange peel, cinnamon, buttercream, and ripe apricots. Live a little: Enjoy neat on a cold winter evening or over ice during summer with a wedge of lime.
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